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"I have had the pleasure of working with Darrow Samberg and experiencing her gifts firsthand on several occasions. We worked together on organizing a home office and she also coordinated and ran an estate sale for me when I sold a home. Darrow's design talent and sensibility are unerring, but what truly sets her apart are two things: Her amazing ability to assess and hone in on exactly what is needed and her genuine caring for each and every client. Wrap this all up with her marvelous sense of humor and authenticity and I can say without hesitation that anyone who hires Darrow will be thrilled with the positive difference she brings to their home."

Emily Herrick


"When we decided to sell our home in 2010, our broker recommended that we stage our house to get the best price as quickly as possible. She recommended Darrow, who was able to quickly give us specific direction on how to prepare our house for the market—and what a difference it made! By following her advice in small ways: paint, details, flowers and rearranging furniture, our house was transformed. And the effort was more than worthwhile. We had two offers above the asking price within a week. I'd never attempt to sell a house without staging and the first person we'll call is Darrow."

Robert Egert


"There is no question in my mind that the beautiful and tasteful Home Staging done by Darrow Samberg made an important difference in the appearance of my home. moving existing furniture into other rooms or other directions gave the rooms a new dimension and an updated appeal. Certainly parts of the house need to be updated but with the changes she made everything look fresh and the potential buyer's eyes were focused on the positive aspects of the house.

"I was amazed when I came in, having left her to work her magic, that crystal and tablecloths and decorative items hidden away in my wall unit, linen closet and basement suddenly reappeared in the most attractive manner imaginable. Darrow is truly talented and has a different way of looking at a room that brings out the beauty and the balance of the room.

"Surely my house was so much more attractive when Darrow had finished, it unquestionably sold more quickly and left a lasting impression on those that saw it. The Real Estate Agents that brought clients to the house remarked how attractive everything looked. I highly recommend her services to anyone contemplating selling a house or freshening up the house for those who choose to 'stay put.'"

Roberta Adams


"Noreen and I just wanted to express out appreciation for the fine job you did staging our house for sale in New City. There is no question in our mind that it would not have sold as quickly as it did, nor as close to the asking price as it did without your professional and artistic touch."

Cliff Dufton & Noreen Conlon