Darrow Home Design

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Home Staging

I have staged over 500 homes to date. I love the challenges of each situation. I begin with the bones of each property and layer important pieces to highlight the best features of the house and diminish its shortcomings. My approach is honest and helpful, sensitive to homeowners' feelings, yet always focused on the goal. The homeowner can trust that I personally will be there to supervise house cleaning, painting neutral colors, addressing issues and solving them. My Feng Shui training allows me to balance the space sparingly and still be able to present the home in move-in condition. Meeting together with the listing realtor, I can transform negative feedback into an immediate positive solution. My clients have told me that they never felt alone once I was on board. I oversee and coordinate the de-cluttering, depersonalizing, furniture moving, painting, landscaping, window treatment and bedding design, and finally staging of the property. From the interior of a closet to the farthest corners of the property, no area will be forgotten. I offer packing, moving, unpacking -- anything to help the property sell faster. I work tirelessly for my realtors and homeowners to attain their top asking price.


Refresh Rentals

When it comes to refreshing rentals, the better the home presents, the higher the rental price. Repainting, landscaping and replacing linens and bedding are some of the obvious choices, but other details keep renters choosing to return season after season. Flowers, guestbooks, housekeeping, local restaurant reviews and coupons as well as special-event services keep renters feeling loyal and cared for. Having full concierge coverage on or off season gives each property true white-glove service, allowing the renter to enjoy full-time property and home management. All of my experience to date has been in high-end service. As a world traveler, I am aware of the delicate touches that can make all the difference to the upscale customer.


Color Consultation

I have a keen sense of color for resale and decorating which are different yet have the same goal: showing the room to its greatest potential. Good color can alter the mood of a space. An uninspired carpet can look new with the proper wall color. No two beiges have the same effect. I take into consideration natural light, directional exposure and the use of artificial light. I create a color palette that builds and flows throughout the house through custom tweaking paint hues to ensure the cohesion of the home's color scheme.


Decorating and Home Design

The key to decorating and home design is the collaboration between the client and me, as well as the union of his or her needs and my vision. When I enter a room, I begin to process the space, light, balance, textures, overall feeling, ceiling height and scale of the home -- all of these are pieces of a puzzle. I intertwine nature and furnishings by bringing in plants, sculptures or water elements. I custom tailor each room to my clients' lifestyle. I offer seasonal refreshers to update and keep everything fun and contemporary. A saffron pillow from June can be paired with different accents in September. Keeping the property fresh and stylish always leaves a positive lasting impression.


Feng Shui

Feng Shui is the ancient of art of placement: using "wind" and "water" to maximize the energetic flow of a space. When a space is properly arranged according to Feng Shui, the health and prosperity of the owners is affected. This practice can be used in any home or garden. After studying with Nancy SantoPietro in 1998, I have applied the principles of Feng Shui to many projects and have seen remarkable results.